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Arduino weather station

Arduino with RF receiver on protoshield My first Arduino project (and the project that finally pushed me over the edge to get an Arduino) was to capture and log data from a wireless outdoor temperature/humidity sensor. I've had a wireless weather station for a few years, and it works well, but it always bothered me that I was getting all this data every day but not able to record it, unless with pencil and paper. When I saw that this had been done and written up in the book Practical Arduino, I figured it was time to try it.

All I needed to get started was an Arduino board and an RF receiver that cost less than $6. The code from the Practical Arduino project didn't work for me unmodified, but with the help of their source code and another detailed description of the sensor data format, I was able to decode the packets from my sensor, a TX4U.

I have since added a pressure sensor for recording barometric pressure and a DS1631 digital temperature sensor for monitoring indoor temperature. Both additional sensors use the I2C protocol for communication, and I used some code from Interactive Matter for the pressure sensor. The sensors have been installed on a prototype shield. Now I have it connected to a Raspberry Pi, which uploads data to ThingSpeak every minute. The plot below uses their public API.

Source code is available at GitHub.

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